Esther and Ike Rotskoff
Established in 1905 as I. Rotskoff Supply Co. by Ike Rotskoff. He came to St. Louis in 1902 to work for the 1904 Worlds Fair. After the Fair, Ike stayed in St. Louis and set up shop at 10th & Franklin Ave., then a bustling commercial area in Downtown St. Louis.

The business thrived and Ike’s sons Sam and Morris entered the business in the 1920’s. As the business evolved from hardware and stoves to plumbing and heating the names Crescent Supply and later Crescent Plumbing Supply were adopted to more accurately describe the business.

Today, Sam’s sons Sherman and Al, along with their sons Steve and Joe, operate two facilities in Eastern Missouri with the main office and warehouse at 640 Rosedale Ave., St. Louis and a fully stocked full service branch at 866 Commercial Blvd., Herculaneum, Missouri.